March 7, 2023
Episode 19 – Opportunity Should Be There for Everybody – James Sanders – Ecosystem Developer  – Baloise Group
Innovation Undercover
Innovation Undercover
Episode 19 - Opportunity Should Be There for Everybody - James Sanders - Ecosystem Developer  - Baloise Group

According to the United Nations, 258  million children and youth were out of school because of poverty, discrimination, and lack of resources.  Education and equality are one of the leverages and aspects of democracy. At the same time, equity is the primary tool for equality. It provides access to the same opportunities by distributing the resources to those who need them most, thus equalling the playing field. It promotes fairness, social mobility, economic growth, diversity, and inclusion. On the contrary, equal distribution of resources only maintains inequality. 

Renu and Michael defined with James the differences between these concepts agreeing that “Opportunity should be there for everybody.” James also reflected on how being the son of high-ranked military parents, coaching baseball, and living in various places such as Australia to Switzerland influenced his vision of both genders, business, and life. He also shares some valuable insights into how Baloise has been diversifying their core business in the recent past.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  1. Being around powerful women from childhood and how that has impacted his life
  2. Experiences living and working in California, Australia, and Switzerland
  3. Comparing being a baseball coach in Australia and Switzerland to building startup ecosystems
  4. Assessing the successes of startups
  5. How learning about new things is the best part of his role in Baloise

Other titles we considered:

  1. Hey, You Take It, You Learn From It, and Move On to the Next Thing
  2. I Was Made in Japan, but I Was Born in California
  3. Everyone Can Bring Something to the Table
  4. You Can Always Find Value in Everything
  5. I Don’t Think I’ve Been the Smartest Person in the Room, Since Maybe Kindergarten

This episode was produced by Khrystyna Khmilovska.

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