February 6, 2023
Episode 17 – It’s All to Do With Co-creation – Ravina Mutha – Co-founder – Enterprise Bot
Innovation Undercover
Innovation Undercover
Episode 17 - It’s All to Do With Co-creation - Ravina Mutha - Co-founder - Enterprise Bot

“Omnichannel experience is a requirement for survival” – that is how McKinsey & Company states it. According to  PWC, one in three customers will leave the brand after just one bad experience. That is where AI-powered bots are in handy, as they can significantly improve customer experience and reduce the chance of business failure.

Renu and Michael enjoyed talking to Ravina about the insights of running the omnichannel business, as Enterprise Bot has been developing AI-powered bots even before they became a buzzword. Being “a global entrepreneur, a mum of twins, and really into technology and business,” Ravina shared with us how she started her first business at 22 in India and continued her entrepreneurial path in Europe. Consequently, we also discussed the differences in business culture in Asia and Europe. 

Some of the topics we discussed:

  1. How coming from a very strong entrepreneurial family influenced her own career
  2. How living abroad and becoming independent shaped her life
  3. Learning how to scale a business, remove founder dependencies and get investments 
  4. Running an omnichannel business before it became a buzzword
  5. Some of the differences between doing business in Europe and India

Other titles we considered:

  • In Short, I Am Kind of a Global Entrepreneur, a Mum of Twins, and Really Into Technology and Business
  • Moving to an Airbnb for 5 Days and Checking Out After 2 Years
  • You Don’t Need to Build Ten Ravinas. Ravina Doesn’t Have to Be Good at Everything
  • I’ve Just Not Seen It Another Way
  • The Problem of One Company Is Usually the Problem of All

 This episode was produced by Khrystyna Khmilovska.

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