November 15, 2022
09 – It´s Nothing But Hustle – Bobbie Shrivastav – Co-founder & COO at Benekiva
Innovation Undercover
Innovation Undercover
09 - It´s Nothing But Hustle – Bobbie Shrivastav – Co-founder & COO at Benekiva

It has been posited that discussions of entrepreneurship should include family entrepreneurship. Babson College´s Family Entrepreneurship Monitor report says that 75% of entrepreneurs and 81% of established business owners co-own and/or co-manage their businesses with family members.

Renu and Michael chatted with Bobbie where they talked about what coming from a family of entrepreneur immigrants, several generations over meant for her attitude towards hustling and being a serial entrepreneur. We also discussed how important it was to her to fix the core processes in the life insurance business, leading her to co-find Benekiva.


Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Looking for the hustle mindset in team building
  • Being the chamber for beneficiaries as the motivation for starting Benekiva
  • How the claims staff are the true heroes in making it right with the insured
  • Not skipping the processes, as it will come back and bite you
  • Having a mindset of just learning is making them successful

Other titles we considered:


  1. You Just Have to Ride the Low Times 
  2. You Can’t Make Excuses
  3. Let Technology Fix Those Processes, So That You Can Innovate
  4. We Are Working the Insurance Value Chain Backwards
  5. It´s All About Learning

 This episode was produced by Khrystyna Khmilovska.


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